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Boudoir photography is an incredible experience but one that lots of us won’t try because we don’t think we are good enough or thin enough or young enough or the myriad of other things that our self esteem screams at us to stop us from taking the plunge. I want that to change and to allow everyone to see that we are ALL beautiful and the media with their warped notion of what sexy is that has been beaten into our subconscious for years and years, can go take a hike, lol!

As I started to do Boudoir photography I realized very quickly that almost EVERY women who came to see me, didn’t like their body in one way or another but during their session they realized that they WERE fierce and gorgeous and all the things they wanted to be (already actually were) but just needed a little nudge from silly ol’ me, my assistant and the wonderful ladies I have helping me do hair and makeup. I am very excited about my upcoming Body Image shoot this fall to work with a group of amazing ladies who bravely volunteered ┬áto allow me to create memorable images to use in this Body Image campaign. What I want to do with it, is a series of ads featuring images from these sessions with some quotes talking a little bit about themselves and some of the body issues they deal with.

I thought that I wold be brave as well, and put my money where my mouth is and be the first model in the body image campaign. So without further adieu…


If you would like information about upcoming Body Image Shoots please email me at or click Contact in the main navigation menu above.

Marcie Davis - Hi Stephanie !!
If you need another volunteer let me know. I am 41 also and have struggled with body image for most of my life due to weight gain /loss and domestic volence the physical and mental kind. I have a great husband now who thinks I am the most beautiful woman in the world. I would like to see myself the way he does.
Never thought I would be emailing or ever even thinking of this but your work is incredible and beautiful.

Thank you –
Marce Davis

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