Body Image Campaign: {Tampa Boudoir Photographer}


Boudoir photography is an incredible experience but one that lots of us won’t try because we don’t think we are good enough or thin enough or young enough or the myriad of other things that our self esteem screams at us to stop us from taking the plunge. I want that to change and to allow everyone to see that we are ALL beautiful and the media with their warped notion of what sexy is that has been beaten into our subconscious for years and years, can go take a hike, lol!

As I started to do Boudoir photography I realized very quickly that almost EVERY women who came to see me, didn’t like their body in one way or another but during their session they realized that they WERE fierce and gorgeous and all the things they wanted to be (already actually were) but just needed a little nudge from silly ol’ me, my assistant and the wonderful ladies I have helping me do hair and makeup.

This is what one of the ladies emailed me after the shoot, “I can’t thank you enough for the experience, it was wonderful and very uplifting. I left there with an extra hop in my step and could not stop smiling. I was very nervous at first but within a few minutes you and your team made me feel so comfortable that for that hour, I totally forgot that I was not modeling a size 6 and loved every minute of it! Now that I think about it I say, oh my gosh I wore that?! This was definitely an experience every woman should do and I have not even seen the pics! That tells you how much I enjoyed it! I can’t wait to see the results of your brilliant work!” That right there is exactly why I wanted to do this!

I am honored to be able to show you a few of the images from our Body Image Campaign this past weekend. We had 9 gorgeous women who participated in this all day Boudoir Marathon that we held in a fabulous suite in a local Tampa resort. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my amazing right hand lady, assistant extraordinaire, Holly Sigler of Holly Sigler Photography and also Candace Webb of Candace Webb Photography. Another key to the success of this shoot was my phenomenal MUAH (makeup and hair) artists from Jazzy Jewels. Thank you ladies, ALL of you who participated in this project that is so near and dear to my heart. There are many more images coming from this day that will play an important part in the direction that my boudoir photography is going so stay tuned!


Without further adieu…

Stephanie Abeles Photography {Body Image Campaign sneak peeks 9/15/12}




Let’s show these ladies some love by leaving comments on the blog! They were so brave and many of them were very nervous before their shoot, about baring all for the world but as you can see for yourself, they are all absolutely stunning!!



Kickstarter - […] This is actually quite similar to a project that I had once dreamed I would be able to publish a book about someday. My project is about women and their body image issues. One line of products I offer in my photography business is Boudoir Photography.  I noticed that almost all of the women I photograph are very self-conscious about their body and most have nothing to be ashamed of, in fact quite the opposite. I did a casting call for women to pose for a Body Image campaign and had tons of ladies who wanted to participate. The reasons these women had issues varied from child birthing scars, to rapid weight loss skin elasticity issues and more. The project I complete was a huge success and the women who participated learned so much about themselves through the process, they raved that I should continue on and create a book about it. You can view my Body Image Campaign here. […]

Ooh La La Boudoir! Tampa Boudoir Photographer


Welcome to my first blog entry of Stephanie Abeles {Boudoir}! Hopefully 2012 has been as fantastic a year for you, as it has been for me! I have been going gangbusters with my newest venture… BOUDOIR PHOTOGRAPHY! My Boudoir division is a separate entity from Stephanie Abeles Photography. I wanted to keep my family portraiture separate from my boudoir division for obvious reasons. Stephanie Abeles {Boudoir} has a modern yet vintage feel to it. I wanted my ladies to look classy and sensual like the classic bombshells of yesteryears but with a modern twist.

It is so unlike the expectations of what I thought it was going to be. I was a little apprehensive about how it would go. Would the women I worked with feel comfortable enough with me to relax in their lingerie? Would I be able to bring out the beauty and confidence in everyone I photographed? Not only that, but how would I feel about photographing a sensitive subject matter such as Boudoir and making it come across as classy and not cheesy.

Sometimes you have to quiet your mind and just jump right in and see what happens, which is exactly what I did. The experiences have been nothing short of amazing and life changing for me. I am LOVING every second of the process. Working with incredible women from all age groups and all walks of life and hearing how the experience has changed them, makes what I do so incredibly fulfilling. I even have a few comments from some of the lovely ladies I have photographed!

“I am in absolute awe over everything. I never thought I’d want to look at myself or think I’m sexy but Damn.. you have given me so much confidence and I think I may be happier then Bill! (her husband) I truly can’t stop looking at the photos either, in shock. I feel like such a model and I want to show them off because of how tasteful they are!!!! THANK YOU 100 TIMES OVER!!!!!!!!!!”

Here is another one…

“Never in a million years would I have thought I would ever do a “Boudoir” photo shoot especially at my current age (41). Like so many women, I have struggled my entire life with body image issues. I have never even had a picture taken of me that I liked. I am not what I would consider “model” material and my immediate thoughts were could I possibly look good in pictures like that?? Could I feel comfortable enough in front of someone in so little clothing?? Would this be something I could actually do??

Stephanie swore to me that she could make me look beautiful and to just trust her. Needless to say Stephanie did an AMAZING job of “coaching” me through my shoot and creating an atmosphere where I could be completely comfortable. Not only did Stephanie and her team make me look beautiful they made me feel incredibly sexy.

Stephanie wasn’t kidding!! One week later I sat in complete awe as she revealed the photos to me. I cannot even begin to describe how beautiful my pictures came out. All I can say is that I am so in LOVE with them!”

OK, now let’s get to the good stuff! Here is a sampling of some of the fabulous women I have had the honor of photographing recently.

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